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Meaningful Use of Time

Great strides have been made in Preston to reduce homelessness through strong collaborative partnership working. Which is why Preston Vocational Centre (PVC) is pleased to be working in partnership with Preston City Council on the Meaningful Use of Time Project. Going from strength to strength, Preston is now at a critical stage of the “Preston Plan” to provide continued support for rough sleepers, former rough sleepers, and those at risk of homelessness. Having found safe and secure homes, the partnership is committed to supporting and advocating “meaningful use of time”.

Over the April half term, PVC ran a course of practical taster sessions for rough sleepers. Participants explored different trade areas from a menu of options including brickwork, joinery, plastering, plumbing, and painting.

Working closely with Preston City Council, PVC engaged the participants in practical construction activities gaining skills to support their future aspirations. Feedback from the group was very positive with participants explaining that they enjoyed the sessions and felt proud of what they had achieved.

PVC is committed to supporting the Preston Partnership to continue its work and embark on the next steps of its journey by providing flexible, engaging, quality vocational training. We look forward to continuing the Meaningful Use of Time project and providing opportunities for people to explore new activities and develop life skills.

PVC has a solid and successful history of working with vulnerable and complex individuals PVC provides a safe, welcoming environment in which people from all walks of life can grow in confidence, enhance life skills, learn new skills and together with the team make new support networks 

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