Say hello to our friendly team

We believe that our staff are passionate, committed and great team players that create a thriving work environment, benefiting all of our students.

Read below to find out more about each member…

Martin Grayston

Martin Grayston Nick name: ‘Boss’.

Teaches: I’m the Manager of the centre and I also teach Bricklaying, Health and Safety & CSCS card.

How long have you worked at PVC? Since the centre opened on 2nd Feb 2009.

Best thing about working at PVC: Everyday is different. It’s really rewarding when you see students gaining confidence, progressing towards a positive outcome. I also have a fantastic team.

One interesting fact about me: I once climbed to Everest ‘Basecamp’ which is over 17,000 ft high.




Daniel Whalley

Nickname: Baldy.daniel

Teaches: Plumbing and Building Maintenance.

How long have you worked at PVC? Since 8th January 2018.

Career before working at PVC:  I did a 3 year carpentry and joinery apprenticeship. I spent one year as a qualified Joiner on domestic and commercial sites across Lancashire. I then worked as a self-employed Dry Liner building metal partitions and ceilings on commercial sites across the country.

Beat thing about PVC: The fantastic team and watching the students grow in confidence.

One interesting fact about me: I played ice hockey till I was 15 and I am also a qualified FA football coach and manage a team.


Mark Bench

Mark Bench photo Favourite phrase: Life's about choices.

Teaches: Plastering as a main trade and I covers all other trades including Health and Safety, CSCS Card training.

How long have you worked at PVC? Since November 2011.

Best thing about working at PVC: The fantastic team of staff and watching the students progression in skills and life.

One interesting fact about me: I served in the British Army (The Queens Lancashire Regiment) for 10 years all over the world and loved every minute of it.




Andy Melling

Andy melling photo

Teaches: Plastering Solid, Fibrous Plastering, Damp Proofing, Building Maintenance, Health & Safety and Manual Handling.

How long have you worked at PVC? I started working for PVC in 2013.

Best thing about PVC: It gives the students that attend PVC a second chance at education no matter what their background, circumstances or past history. This helps develop their personal and employability skills, to gain the confidence they need to achieve a good career in the construction industry, or other sectors for them to succeed in the future.       

One interesting fact about me: Other than my obsession for football, I have a great interest in carp fishing, my record common carp is 50lb and my record catfish is a hoofing 100lb! 

Asha Taylor

Asha Taylor Role: Administration Officer.

How long have you worked at PVC? Since November 2020.

The best thing about working at PVC is: Everyone is lovely and works great together as a team. It’s fantastic to work in a place where students are given the chance to have the opportunities to learn new skills and make the positive start to their futures.

One interesting fact about me: Meeting English actor – Chris Bisson who starred in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Shameless.





Brian Hall

brian hall Nick name: Grandad (but at least I have got this far!)

Teaches: Brickwork, Health and Safety, Manual Handling and CSCS training.

How long have you worked at PVC? I started in 2015.

Best thing about working at PVC: The hand shake from the students and parents at the end of their time here when they have achieved a qualification.

One interesting fact about me: Once had a shark knock a camera out of my hand while filming. I have scuba dived all five continents of the world.





Mark Turnbull

Mark Turnbull Teaches: Plumbing and Building Maintenance.

How long have you worked at PVC? Since the start of 2020.

Best thing about working at PVC: Helping students achieve their full potential.

One interesting fact about me: Climbed Ben Nevis.








Nichole Watson

Nichole Watson Role: Business Support Officer.

How long have you worked at PVC? Since January 2021.

Best thing about working at PVC: Being part of the team and seeing the passion that all staff have for providing a supportive and positive environment for the learners.

One interesting fact about me: I can recite the alphabet using sign language.







Ummehani Pathan

Ummehani Pathan Role: Student Support Mentor.

How long have you worked at PVC? Since 10th February 2019.

Career before working at PVC: Before working at PVC, I was a Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) at 2 ‘Outstanding’ high schools. I started my career by completing Level 2 and Level 3 teaching and supporting learning in schools and thereafter obtained my HLTA status from Leeds Beckett University.

Best thing about working at PVC: Seeing the learners flourish in their studies, growing in confidence and achieving their true potential upon completion of their qualification.





Chris Webb

Lady smiling forward

Teaches: Admin Officer for the Post 16 ESF Project.

How long have you been at PVC? I have worked part time at PVC since April 2018.

Best thing about working at PVC: Every day is different, the Team are committed and enthusiastic, but best of all is seeing the difference PVC makes to the students. Seeing them grow in confidence and achieve skills and qualifications that they often didn’t believe they could attain.

One interesting fact about me: I was on a flight to Chicago and as we started to descend the Captain announced that there was no need to worry but there was a little problem with one of the engines and we would be met by the emergency services. It was slightly alarming to land far away from the main terminal buildings and see ten fire engines and ambulances waiting for us. Fortunately after being checked the plane was allowed to proceed to the terminal and we could disembark normally, I didn’t really fancy going down the emergency chute!!